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Dr. Hepburn and Dr. Sealey are both very sought after speakers together as Wisequacks or as a single speaker specializing in different topics. They are not limited to health conferences at all and in fact are very adroit at custom making their “edutainment” lectures for any situation or any type of conference regardless of the theme. Their most popular talks include:

1) Medical Cannabis

“Smoke two of these and call me in the morning.” Not an easy prescription for a doctor to write illegibly.

With ”marijuana as medicine” entering the mainstream and the bloodstream of society, Drs. Hepburn and Sealey elaborate on the why, what, who and even the how of medical cannabis use. Many doctors, previously uncomfortable with medical marijuana, have now been placed front and center in the approval and prescribing of medical cannabis. This entertaining yet informative and instructional talk covers the breadth and breath of everything from benefits to myths to side effects of this often controversial medication.

2) Seven Numbers You Absolutely Need To Know To… Die Young

Die young… at an old age. This, in fact, is what we as doctors want you to do. But you, not your doctor, are responsible for your health. Presented in their famously fun yet very informative manner, the Wisequacks will inform you of exactly what you need to know to die young at 134. Knowledge is power, and with health being your greatest wealth, this lecture may be the most valuable investment you ever make.

3) Medical Mythinformation

In their most popular talk, Drs. Hepburn and Sealey meet Doctor Google head on and expose medical misinformation, confronting some of the commonest myths that are easily formed yet firmly held. This interactive discussion is upbeat, informative and full of dozens of health pearls that can improve everyday life.

4) The Future and The Past Together

In this roller coaster of a talk, Doctor Hepburn reveals how the amazing intersection of medicine and technologies are changing the way we live. With more progress made in medicine in the last two years than in the last 6000, we now balance precariously on the cusp of the remarkable third great era of medicine , the biomolecular, biointelligence revolution. Your smartphone has gone to medical school and soon prescribing apps may be more common than prescribing pills. Then in a shocking turnaround, Doctor Sealey takes you to a place 10,000 years away to reveal the art of caring, community and kava that they experienced in the remote jungles of the South Pacific.

5) 100 Ways To Enjoy Growing Older

Dr. Sealey helps Dr. Hepburn expound on his famous list published in The Doctor is In(Sane). An up-to-date, fun and informative discussion on what you absolutely need to know to enjoy rather than endure growing older. The goal is to end up being loved by those you want to be loved by. Learn how to die young… at an old age.


* “The WiseQuacks, Drs. Hepburn and Sealey, were the perfect combination in making our event at the Calgary Stampede a resounding success.  Their humorous approach to innovative medical advancements was as engrossing as the bull riding the next day…” John Melvin, Roche Diagnostics

* ”The Wisequacks were beyond hilarious and had the huge crowd either spellbound or in stitches from the opening dancing to the Top Ten Reasons its Cool to Have Diabetes. Yet it was informative, uplifting and extremely motivational. Their razor sharp repartee with the audience while taking questions has to be experienced. Walked out of there with sore ribs.” Canadian Diabetes Association, Vancouver Island South

* “The Dave Barrys of medicine.” British Columbia MOA Conference

* “Excellent use of an entire sunny day. I feel bad for anyone who missed this! This conference was a poignant reminder to focus on the positive, practice good habits & incorporate love & humour into our lives.” Gisela Mullan, Women’s Health Resources – Alberta Health Services

* “You guys are killing me!” Marie Osmond (please note that this was not a literal meaning, but stated as non-alcoholic milk snorted from her nose)

* “The wonderful sense of humor got the rapt attention of the entire audience. It was spontaneous, quick-witted and the general consensus was that it was the best presentation of the entire Congress.” BC Society of Medical Laboratory Science

* “Enormously entertaining and motivating, a great way to set the tone for the rest of our conference, which turned out to be our best ever, undoubtedly because of this opening presentation.” Western Regional GlaxoSmithKline Inc.

Further references available upon request. For details and bookings please contact: tdoddis@shaw.ca