About Us

WiseQuacks is the most fun, informative and upbeat health show in the media today. Heard nationally across Canada and the USA every Sunday, this live call-in show allows you to talk to Dr. Dave Hepburn and Dr. Robert Sealey, both MDs (Masters of Deception), about any medical issue. But don’t expect the pedantic dry response you might normally associate with doctors, as they will provide you with expert helpful advice but in a manner that just might leave you quacked up. Between your calls they also feature surprise interviews with guests from the world of film, music, sports and politics as they talk about medical issues that have affected their lives.

Tune in for the fascinating information or for the sheer entertainment.

Dr. Dave Hepburn, M.D. is an award-winning syndicated columnist featured in several major newspapers across the United States and Canada, and is a recipient of the prestigious Canadian Community Newspaper Association columnist of the year award.  His informative yet hilarious book “The Doctor is In(sane)” was released to acclaim from his mother. Dr. Dave served aboard ship as a Canadian naval surgeon in the Persian Gulf War. In 1995, he lived in the jungles of Vanuatu where, for eight months he was the sole doctor and bush surgeon to 30,000 people on a remote South Pacific island called Tanna. In 2012, he returned to Tanna for a month, along with Dr. Sealey, where the two Wisequacks discovered that their brand of humour smashed through cultural and language boundaries as they served and entertained in a remote jungle hospital. Dr. Dave is co-host of the sensational new TV show, “Buyologic” on the Oprah Winfrey Network. He has coached at the highest level of hockey for 12 years and he himself entered the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the highest scoring defencemen in the longest hockey game in history. He plays twice a week to maintain his girlish figure.

Dr. Rob Sealey, B.Sc., M.D. originally aspired to be a veterinarian but his hopes were quickly extinguished by the realization that he is scared of animals. Although humans also frighten him, he forced his way through medical training in various locations across North America, along with remote hospitals in Africa and even Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Since 1991, Rob has filled his days with the delights of being a family physician in Victoria, B.C.

His proudest moment was winning honourable mention in Mrs. Scheeler’s grade 2 poetry contest. He has watched hockey at the highest level for over 12 years. Rob also enjoys the smell of mouldy leaves after a misty rain and is particularly fond of the color blue.


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