Vaccines Cause Autism

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Vaccines Cause Autism

Although this topic always prompts a heated debate, the present evidence suggests that it is a classic myth when it comes to vaccines causing autism.  This topic has been the subject of incredible controversy over the years and the belief that the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine being a cause of autism seems to be the main reason why many opponents of immunization have kept their kids from getting stabbed with a needle.  This myth all got started after a study by Dr. Wakefield in 1998  hypothesized  that MMR might be responsible for a series of events leading to autism since a group of children developed this condition within a month of immunization.  However, this research paper has since been critically evaluated and found to be flawed in many areas including the fact that comparison of autism incidence in both vaccinated and unvaccinated children was not reported.  Since most children are vaccinated at a time when autism is usually diagnosed anyways, there is no clear evidence that the vaccine itself is the cause of the disease.  In fact, a landmark study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2002 followed over half a million kids who either did or didn’t receive the MMR vaccine and found that the incidence of autism was equal in both groups of children.  So, when it comes to immunizations and autism, there’s no reason not to stick it to your kids…


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