Elderly Drivers Are Dangerous To Others On The Road

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Elderly Drivers Are Dangerous To Others On The Road

Despite the popular belief that elderly drivers are a menace to society, this is actually a Myth.  Statistics reveal that drivers over the age of sixty-five are less than 1/3 as likely as drivers under the age of twenty-four to cause auto accidents.  Although elderly drivers make up a greater proportion of people on the road, they only account for 7% of all collisions whereas the younger group are responsible for over 43% of automobile accidents.  That’s because, the older, more experienced drivers tend to avoid excessive speed and venture out only under optimal road conditions.  As well, older people who drive are more likely to be a danger to themselves rather than causing harm to a person in another vehicle since seniors are generally in poorer health and may be unable to withstand the effects of trauma related to a car accident.  In fact, elderly drivers are seven times more likely than younger drivers to be killed when two vehicles are involved.  These results have caused policy makers to re-evaluate road safety aimed solely at drivers over the age of 65.  Thus, the real problem might not be the senior citizen driving the 1972 Toyota Tercel but rather what’s in his rear-view mirror.


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